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Band of Brothers

WolfPack Conflict Resolution Rules

These rules are to be used in case of a conflict between sets of members.

  • A conflict is to be defined as any situation where two or more people have a disagreement ending in some form of hostility.
    Date Added or Last Modified: 2011-10-05;
  • In the event of a conflict any high level ranking officer should be contacted.
    Date Added or Last Modified: 2011-10-05;
  • In the event of a conflict the following steps can be taken:

    1. Identify the conflicting individuals or parties involved.
    2. Divide the conflicting parties - if necessary lock any thread or move people out of the teamspeak rooms
    3. Identify the causes and or reasons for the conflict from each party involved.
    4. Itemise each fact from each side into two seperate lists.
    5. Find common ground to the problem - if necessary use a third party to negotiate between the conflicting parties.
    6. Attempt solution finding by discussing the matter and utilisation via step 5.
    7. If a solution cannot be found then the matter is raised to the higher ranks this includes generals but is not limited to these.
    8. If all previous steps fail to resolve the situation then WolfPack General rules item will be invoked.
      The rules of WolfPack are used to govern how the organisation is run, in the event of a discrepancy, or if a situation arises where a topic is not covered by the rules the C.I.C decision will be the final say on any such matters.
    Date Added or Last Modified: 2014-01-23;

v6.6.0.0 - created: $Date: 2008-12-13; updated: $Date: 2019-08-04$; E&OE - a special thanks to Brainiac//, Dutchman, Foxhound, Pheniixx (Blacky), PocketMouse, Poita, Commander Cork for their assistance