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Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers

WolfPack Vision / Mission Statements

Vision statement

WolfPack: Vision

WolfPack's vision is to provide the world with the most organised, responsible, and reliable group of gamers available, while maintaining gaming's original aims of fun and teamwork.

In WolfPack, we know that only by striving will be be able to reach our goals, and so we are driven to continuous improvement. We seek to better ourselves as people, as a community, and as gamers within the various games we play, hoping to reach higher every single day.

Mission statement

WolfPack: Mission

WolfPack's mission is to provide a gaming environment that is safe and fun for all involved.

We will provide a structured and organised group that participates in a wide variety of games, allowing members to move from one game to another, and still be in the company of gaming friends.

Our aim is to display to the community an indivisible team of gamers that is mature, honest, open and respectable, united under the banners of respect, honor, and pride.

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