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Band of Brothers

WolfPack Joining Information

WolfPack: Joining Requirements

Before you apply:

To review the minimum required of you before beginning the application process, visit our recruitment rules. Those who do not meet those requirements will not be considered for membership, and should not apply.

Applicants should also carefully read the member responsibilty page outlining our expectations of WolfPack members.

WolfPack rules at a glance:

Members will...

  • Show up, help out, and have fun each week with the clan.
  • Approach others with rationality, fairness, civility, and compassion.
  • Share information when the need is demonstrated, including clan rules and hierarchy.
  • Maintain the security of the server by protecting any passwords they may be given.
  • Identify themselves with one name on the forums, Teamspeak, and in game wherever possible, to prevent confusion.
  • Play as part of a team, including teaming with clanmates where possible.
  • Post any questions on the clan message board, unless the question is of a personal nature.
  • Participate in the WolfPack forums, as the forums are used to share vital information, including standard IPs.
  • Read room descriptions on Teamspeak.
  • Offer assistance wherever it is needed.
  • Notify the clan via the MIA - Absence Board section of the clan forums of any expected absence lasting more than three weeks. Those who fail to do this risk being removed from the clan.
  • Give at least 10% of your in game time giving back to the clan.
  • Be polite on voice communication servers. This includes giving a verbal greeting upon entering the channel, and saying goodbye before leaving.

Members will not...

  • Cheat (aka Hack) under any circumstances.
  • Use abusive language, including profanity used aggressively.
  • Spam in any way, including on Teamspeak, the forums, or through email.
  • Participate in any other permanent or semi-permanent gathering of players, including clans, teams, guilds, and squadrons.
  • Leave WolfPack without serious consideration, as re-entry is granted only once or under extremely unusual circumstances.
  • Allow members of other clans to "hang out" in the clan's voice communication channels. Applicants must leave their old clan by posting a message on the old clan's public forum before they will be considered.

It should be noted that this list does not constitute a modification of the rules and guidelines of the clan. For a comprehensive list of these rules, visit the rules page of the website.

WolfPack: Joining Requirements

After your application has been approved:

  • Players will need to download all programs used within the clan - e.g. Teamspeak.
  • Players will be required to participate in a one month personality trial.

By "applying for" or "being in" or "apart of" Wolf Pack you automatically abide by/acknowledge that you have read the rules of the clan and agree to them and that you willkeep up to date with any changes in the rules - it is the responsibility of each player to keep up to date with the rules.

Visit our Forums and apply there.

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